This terrible photo has been sent to international media from a blogger inside Burma. One of the victims of the atrocities of the military regime, this dead body was kept in a mortuary of a seal-off hospital in Rangoon. The picture was smuggled out by a staff of the mortuary and sent it to a blogger who finally transmitted this picture throughout the world to show how brutal and merciless is the regime. The head is seen hacked with a sword, possibly a bayonet, by the military intelligence's butchers. The world community and the the world body must do something so as UNSC take effective action on the Burmese regime. For staying long in power dictator Than Shwe will do anything. The regime is shouting that they are striving hard to transform the country into a democratic state. But how can people of the world believe their non-sense road map and their promise after they committed a crime of the century. The world has been cheaten again and again by the military junta of Burma and China, Russia and India on the other hand are supporting the junta that is killing, arresting and torturing the people including Buddhist monks.


  • July 20, 1999: Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin bans Falun Gong. Practitioners are categorized as "felons" and regarded as raw materials to be handled in any way profitable, without penalty.
  • 70 - 100 million practitioners overnight are labeled as criminals because of their spiritual beliefs.
  • As of September 2006, 2930 practitioners are confirmed dead; the actual death toll is estimated to be 10,000+.
  • 100,000 - 500,000+ have been sent to labor camps, prisons and mental hospitals.
  • Collusion between the Chinese judiciary, police and hsopitals, overseen by the CCP military, sustains a network to harvest Falun Gong practitioners' organs, while they are still alive, fo transplant operations. The huge profits fuel China's "organ tourism".
  • The CCP blacklists and harasses practitioners worldwide.
  • Using technologies largely developed and sustained by North American companies, the CCP maintains an information blockade and disseminates propaganda.



Chinese Communist Party seizes organs
from captive Falun Gong practitioners
for huge profits
Transplant operation prices from a hospital website that witnesses say has been connected to a concentration camp: (Prices no longer available online.)

Prices of various organs as mentioned below:
Cornea $ 30,000
Heart $ 130,000 - $ 160,000
Liver $ 98,000 - $ 130,000
Lung $ 150,000 - $ 170,000
Kidney $ 62,000
Kidney-Pancreas $ 150,000



Witness says Falun Gong bodies used as "Raw Materials"
for profiteering

Officials rush to cash in on detainees' bodies as they hide
and destroy evidence throughout China

Following revelations that Falon Gong practitioners' organs are being harvested and that the corpses are being cremated in a vast network of slave labor and concentration camps across China, investigators disclosed that the Chinese Communist Party has been conducting a massive, deadly campaign to hide and destroy evidence.

Investigators report that Chinese transplant hospitals told patients to "come in quickly" to get transplants, and that matching organs "will be available in one or two days".

Initial allegations were made by three witnesses, including a military doctor, who said the operations are performed while the victims are still alive so that the organs are fresh. The bodies are then cremated on site.

Follow the money

The doctor stated that the lucrative selling of captives' organs and bodily materials is driving the camps. "Falun Gong practitioners... are no longer regarded as human beings, but as raw materials for commercial products...the CCP...decided to treat (them) as 'class enemies' and felons, and handle them in any manner economically profitable."

Third-Party report confirms organ harvesting charges
Taken seriously by the international media, this independent report exposes the brutality and gives 17 recommendations on how to stop it.

Former Canadian Secretary of State David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas published a 45-page investigative report into the organ harvesting allegations. "Based on what we now know, we have come to the regrettable conclusion that the allegations are true. We believe that there has been and continues today to be large scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners." (for a free copy of the report and a link to the global media coverage:


The tide of democracy has been risen up again in Burma and the leaders of 88 Generation Students and many more activists have been detained by the military regime of the country following series of protest against the raising of fuel price by the regime that consequently deteriorated a living condition of people. In fact, people are long been experiencing hardships and human rights and democracy have been stripped off for over forty decades since the military regime staged a coup in 1962. The world body knows about this country situation past and present and how the regime seized power from the legitimate government. The UN knows the blood-shed coup in which thousand of students were shot to death. The world body knows that the ruling Burmese Socialist Program Party had to abolish due to demands of its entire members and people of all walks of life. The UN also knows that thousands of students, monks and people had to give their lives in the struggle for abolishing BSPP and to retain Democracy in Burma. But, the regime has refused to handover power to the opposition party NLD that won a landslide victory in the 1990 nationwide elections. The regime not only showed respect to the elections result but also tried to assassinate Aung San Su Kyi, the opposition leader and Nobel laureate at Depayin. Furthermore, the regime places the leader under house arrest now and then, harassed and hindered all the political functions of NLD and prohibit hitherto to open NLD offices in the country. When the US put Burma crisis on the UN agenda and urged UNSC to take action on the regime China and Russia had blocked the effort of the States with their veto powers. Burma is formed with 55 millions of people and if the ruler represents this people the government must look after the interest of the people. So if the ruler is seeking for their own benefit it is clear that it is not a genuine government but none other than a gang of thugs. It is understood that when a government misrule the country and cannot proved that it really represent people to rule a country such government must be removed. If they are refusing to step down they must be removed by the world body after giving an ultimatum to the unlawful government. Let’s ask a question. To whom the UN will respect?. The super powers who misuse veto power or people of Burma who have been suffered for over 40 years? The world body has formed with the agreement to see to the matter of member countries in need of help. Will the world body waits until the military rules the country generation after generation, while people serve as their slaves, as long as they rule or helping out the long suffered people by removing the self-claim government or the government that is not elected by the people? There is no member country in the world body that rules against the will of people for more than four decades. If the UN could not remove the wicked government that is systematically killing its own people it means that the world body recommends such kind of government. Will UN waits for financial assistance from here and there to give relief aids to refugees and displaced people created by the bad governments and dictators or assert efforts in bringing out a perfect resolution to get rid of unwanted governments within the member countries? Burma's problem can be easily solved if the veto powers are not allowed to use by the super powers . To stop more killings, rapes, misruling and corruption by a government that is not elected by the people the UN must reconsider the authorizing of veto power to super powers or reform its organization and policy -- the policy that approves only a legitimate government is allowed to rule a country.

Open Letter to Ma Than Shwe

Dear Ma Sandar,

You have mentioned in your commentary (DVB's Let's Talk) thatthe people of Burma understand well that we can not throw away the junta at all – furthermore this must not be our goal either- we must not even down-look our military at all, instead we must transform it very slowly”.

Well, I won’t agree with you if you said so. Because Burma has an estimated population of 55 millions and if the people love the junta there will only be one per cent of the entire population of the country. That two per cent for sure is a handful of well-off persons and their families who are colloborating with the Generals so as to accumulate their wealth and another handful of people is close relatives of the Generals and members of USDA. Ninety-nine per cent of people are suffering a lot due to the dictatorial ruling in our country. Will these people support or love the mily. regime? Think it logically. Sound really bad when you said “not to even look down our military”. This remind me of Aung Gyi ( We called him Samoosa Aung Gyi ) who slipped his tongue during 8888 by saying “don’t ever get wrong (even by thought) with the Army”. Finally, what he becomes? Did you remember? And don’t you easily say that “we must transform the Army very slowly”. How can you transform a building that have been eaten by white ants for many a year? Are you going to destroy it or are you renovate by coating the structures with grease oil or whatever? What you said are ridiculous. You know. But you are lying to yourself. You want to hide the truth. I do not know why you have to do this. Who will accept and support the notorious Army that has been corrupted for many years? Instead of serving the people the Army members and the top brass are seeking their own benefit hitherto and above all the regime is commiting genocide. So many Karen national have been displaced. Many ethnics women have been raped by the Army members, while the top brass are having juicy time with some celebrities in the country. To get rid of the mily. junta is a primary goal of majority people who love peace and democracy. You must keep this in your mind now and forever, Ma Sandar (or) Ma Than Shwe. If you really love your country.

Maung Maung Kyaw Win, U.S.A.

Voice of SPDC

People in Burma unanimously agreed to the names given to SPDC propaganda papers as New Lies of Myanmar (the actual name is New Light of Myanmar), Bagdad Kyemon and Iraq Alin, by an anonymous dissident. The papers have regularly conveyed pro-Iraq news among other propagandas under the guidance and direction of the mily. regime's Ministry of Information. The purpose to carry pro-Iraq news is no other than to denounce the US, a super power that strongly support the struggle for restoring Democracy in Burma. The Minister for Information of the mily. regime is Brigadier General Kyaw Hsan and this stooge led the news conference which is regularly held in the country. All the selected mediamen have to attend the conference where all the lies and allegation are being made upon the student leaders of 88 generation and NLD members.

4th of July Celebrations in the States

How happy and gay the American citizens were. The Fourth of July celebration was in full swing with people who were in the mood for love their own country. The celebration in Wheaton really gave me a mixed feeling. I witnessed the long parade that marched along the Main Road and either sides of the pavement town folks from early age to over seventy were giving shouts of greeting and respect to the people who were marching along the road. There were veterans and famous people among the people participated in the parade. They had shown their courage and patriotic spirits back in World War II . The significant event in Wheaton reminds me of our country's independence day that becomes less important today for the present military regime that is ruling Burma for more than four decades without the will of people. Nowaday there are very few celebrations in our country to mark the significant day and the regime has defaced the image of the architect of Burma's independence, General Aung San. In fact, Aung San was also the leader who built up the Burmese Army. If the military regime is not insane they would not ignore and forget their foremost leader and the General who had tried to get Burma's independence from the British. These butchers have gone too far. I held up my tears that was about to drop down after realizing the difference of the independence day of the two nations.


China, Russia and Burma are the three nations that can harm the peaceful nations, anytime. Leaders of these nations are mentally unbalanced. That is why they are doing what they like and show no respect to the UN and the rest nations in this world. China is secretly trying to undermine the democratic world and Russia is acting as a running dog of China. Thereby world communities should not keep silence. They must raise their voices against the three sinisters' plot to rule the world.


National Convention has been created by the military junta as one of its tactics to stay in power and stalling time for handing over power to the winning party NLD in the nationwide elections held in 1992. With the Road Map and National Convention I see no solution for Burma's problem. Now that the regime is saying to hold another referendum meaning that it won't recognize the result of the last elections. If the regime manage to hold another election, it is no doubt that the new election by the junta will not be realized in favor of the people. As the leopard will never change its spots, the junta will again plays trick to the people and the world. Once a thief is always a thief. This saying is always true for the military butchers.

General Aung San, the architect of Burmese Independence still live and he is watching the military butchers (who are blacksheeps of the Armed Forces that he had built) how far they can go in devastating their own country and driving the fellow countrymen to become their own slave. He is also watching how long the butchers can put under house arrest to his daughter, Aung San Suu Kyi. The unscrupulous rulers who are no more than thugs enjoy their days that are already numbered. In a Burmese saying it is said "a mad dog can enjoy its prime time that is only lasted for one noon". Like the mad dog the military regime would not last long. Soon when the sun is up and reaching the zenith point it is a time of termination for the military butchers led by Than Shwe.
Wait until Highnoon!
Wait for the downfall of the military junta!
Wait for the time our great leader Aung San finally rest in Peace!

What they suggest

What they suggest
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Best Answer

First, through a concerted, non-violent protest by all citizens of the country at home and international fora. If it is responded by repression and harsher measures, then, through an armed revolution. Such moves are sure to be supported by all democratic and peace loving countries of the world. (modest)

(The question for above answer was asked by Min Myo Naing using another name in June of 2006.)


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