Some are hoping that the year 2010 will see a significant change in Burma and people will be freed from the life of slavery under military regime because the regime has promised another free and fair elections in the country. In fact, the regime has failed to recognize the 1990 nationwide elections in which the NLD Party won a landslide victory which is internationally recognized. After refusing to handover power to the winning party the generals have accumulated their wealth within two decades. All the income realized from selling natural resources such as gem and jade and natural gas to foreign countries went into their pockets and the country itself has insufficient electrical power supply for the industries as well as for public use. People have to pay more taxes and receive power supplies only on a quota basis. The small business as well as industries have to depend on electrical generators run by diesel oil of which prices are going high all the time. The inflation is soaring high. Though the top brass become millionaires with the ill-gotten money people and country cannot climb out of the abyss of poverty. And now the regime is promising again a free and fair election as the international pressure to reform economic and politics of the country is increasing. Who will believe their words when people learn that the regime has recently signed a contract with Russia to buy over twenty MIG 29s just to (unnecessarily) expand and modernize its Army. The regime has also dug a total of 80 underground tunnels at a cost of billion of dollars with the assistance of North Korean engineers. The purpose of digging underground tunnels is none other than fortifying their hideout with a hysteria ( of fear) believing that some super powers will wage aerial attacks on their military headquarters. One of the reasons the regime and its cronies moved to Pyinmana area where they established a new city is none other than hiding out from the truth they have never accepted. This prove that they are not real soldiers who protect the interest of their people and country. The real soldier never afraid to die. They never hide from the truth and they are ready to give their lives and will fight like a soldier. What the regime doing is a scheme to protect for themselves as the way cowards do. Anyhow, what a waste. With this money it can feed the increasing people who have no way to get out of the vicious cycle of starvation and help them out in rebuilding their lives. Meanwhile, the North Korean and the mily. regime is secretly planning to build a nuclear bomb and at present the regime is trying to assault one of the insurgent groups of the country with Biological weapons bought from N. Korea. The insurgent group is also preparing for the war that is about to come. They are now busy with buying anti-gas masks from a neighboring country, according to a reliable news source.
One of the awful news is that a newly formed political party that is preparing to participate in the 2010 elections was threaten and its members were beaten by Union Solidarity and Development Association's members, a regime-supported gang that carried out an attempt to assassinate the noble laureate and democracy icon of Burma, Daw Aung San Su Kyi, in 2003. This gang is supposed to be a social faction that is meant for helping people but on the contrary the gang is used by the regime to harass and threatening NLD members. Sometimes, these unruly thugs go too far that they even eliminate the unwanted persons by the regime. But the order to kill is given by a high-ranking person of USDA possibly the Chairman of USDA who is also the head of the regime Senior General Than Shwe. Meanwhile, the Police General has directed to his subordinates to monitor every and each movement of NLD members. It's been many years that thousands of political prisoner are still behind bars though the Secretary General of the United Nations, some heads of super power and world communities have constantly requested the regime to release the political prisoners immediately. Daw Aung San Su Kyi is also still under house arrest. The authority has not even permitted the opposition leader to renovate her own house. If this trivial matter cannot be straighten out, I wonder how will the regime going to sponsor a free and fair nationwide elections. These aspects indicate that the attitude of mily. regime has not changed and they will eat again their words. No doubt. So, I see no good sign for the year 2010. People who really love peace and democracy should be very careful especially in this year. This year may be a decisive year for both the light and dark forces. The bottom line is "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst". Happy New Year! to everyone who is in the same boat with us sailing to our destination, a peaceful place called "the land of democracy". ( MMKW)

What they suggest

What they suggest
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First, through a concerted, non-violent protest by all citizens of the country at home and international fora. If it is responded by repression and harsher measures, then, through an armed revolution. Such moves are sure to be supported by all democratic and peace loving countries of the world. (modest)

(The question for above answer was asked by Min Myo Naing using another name in June of 2006.)


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An exiled journalist from Burma, I have taken refuge in the United States with my family thanks to CPJ in New York, UNHCR (Cambodia) and the States Department. I was detained for one and a half year in 1969 for burning effigy of the late dictator Ne Win in the Rangoon University campus during SEA Games Strike. I was also actively participated in 8888 nationwide uprising by taking charge in publishing The Guardian Daily as independent newspaper for 22 days before I resigned from the newspaper as Assistant Editor in September,1988. Fortunately, I was escaped from arresting by the military regime. In 1990, I left for Bangkok where I had an assignment to translate the "Outrage: Burma's Struggle for Democracy". The book was originally written by Bertil Lintner, a Swedish journalist. I fled my country in December 2005 after my life was threatened by the military intelligence service for involving in political movements and had given assistance to foreign journalists who came to Burma. I am still active with the movement for restoring democracy in Burma.